With over 20 years of experience upgrading and maintaining fast road cars and high performance race cars. The guys behind MPH Customs can cater for your every need. We have workshops all over the world ready to fit and tune your choice of weapon to your craziest desires. We specialise in high quality performance parts working closely with the best manufactures and suppliers in the industry. These are parts we have used and tested on our own cars so we really can recommend the best set up for your vehicle.

Our founder and director Matt House has over 15 years racing experience and has now started a new TV Channel to demonstrate and show you the customer how these high quality products are manufactured and help you understand why we are the only choice when it comes to spending your hard earned cash on your pride and joy!

Being petrol heads, racers and performance enthusiasts ourselves we know how hard it can be choosing the right product and the last thing we want to do is send you down the garden path just to make a quick buck. We understand you work hard to modify your car, this hobby, passion, virus is expensive and we want to help you save money to keep you on black stuff having fun and riding along with us.

So what you waiting for….LETS GO RACING!!!